Monday, February 2, 2009


I've realized that as time goes by, it's much harder to keep up with the blog. So I'll just recap the week a bit...

*It is monsoon season here in Sevilla. Rain predicted for the next week and it has rained on and off for the next three days. With no dryer, this could become a problem as two pairs of my jeans already are soaking wet.

*Last Wednesday night my family took us out to see Flamenco music (at a bar called Louisiana haha). I love how women just get up and start dancing Sevillana. I also love how my family always invites Coop and I to everything. We're their nice but mute friends. Actually I'd have to say that understanding Spanish here has become easier. Or they're using easier phrases because they've realized how bad my Spanish is. I think I'm more comfortable just talking and not worrying about whether its the right tense. Anyhow, my family (which basically includes Paloma and her best friend Luisi) always know where to go to get free drinks or just buy us our drinks. It's kinda awesome. But I mostly just feel cool because I'm not standing in a crowd of 50 Americans and calling it a cultural experience/study abroad.

*On more than one occassion, I've punked out on going out. Andrea has thus corrected my ways and in the future, I will be making better use of my time here.

*I went running a few days last week and I think that the free techno music that I get on my cell phone has improved my endurance. Unfortunately, I was so out of shape I could hardly walk the next day. Also, I see Spanish men running here but no women.

*Saturday night we went out and walked miles in the rain. Boo. But it was worth it because we saw a ridiculously dressed band very drunk serenading Andrea, Angela and Elle. It was hilarious. We then proceeded to dance at a Irish bar to Shania Twain and the Grease Soundtrack. WOOWWW...

On Sunday night we somehow ended up at another Irish bar ONEILLS which is very close to our house, very expensive and the owner is very nice to us Americans. So as a gimmick to get us all to come, the owner promised free hotdogs. I don´t know why I expected a legit hotdog but I definitely fought for a room temperature hotdog. And then I bit into something hard in the middle of it. And then the Steelers won. booo...

Andrea and Elle planned a group trip to Ronda this weekend which will be perfect. The end of our intense three hour class every day is Friday as well. Ronda is one of the white towns (pueblos blancos). Hopefully I will get my computer and computer cord so I can post pictures! :)

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  1. Hey Carolyn, hope you're having fun in Spain -Ivan.