Friday, January 9, 2009

Arrival & my new madre!

The Hotel Alcazar is a pretty nice hotel and I shared a room with Elle, a nutrition sophomore major also in the SAS program. We got settled but I was still freaking out about my computer and immediately contacted the airport and my parents through Coop´s laptop. Coop was pretty much my saving grace because I needed someone to tell me to stop freaking out, I needed to borrow euros and I needed to borrow his computer. This is why he is awesome among other reasons. We had a basic orientation and went to dinner at a restaurant that served salad with tuna on top, chicken in a olive oil sauce with vegetables and strawberry and vanilla helado (ice cream) for dessert. We walked to the restaurant through a bunch of beautiful alleyway corridors. It´s amazing how everything is so picturesque in Sevilla.

At dinner, I got information about where I´ll be living for six months. Previously, I requested to live near Coop for safety and conveniency reasons. Because of my special request, I ended up in a solo living situation. Some might be upset to not have a roommate I guess. I was ecstatic. So far I get my own room and pretty much all the attention from my madre. This way I won´t rely on anyone else to speak Spanish for me. Not that I would but sometimes around other Americans, I am less bold in speaking Spanish for whatever reason.

After the dinner, we walked back and Coop´s roommate (at the hotel and in his current apartment) Andres invited us out for a beer with others. Another girl, Jennifer, in our program was meeting up with her sister who lives in Spain at a local bar. Jennifer lived in Spain for nine years and speaks perfect Spanish. Initially I just went to grab a beer but it was very interesting to listen to her speak with her sister and meet some of the other people. Seems like everyone is here to enjoy the culture...I´m glad it isn´t like UNC where everyone is so spastic about grades, etc. Her sister bought us all a round and I really felt for the first time that Spaniards were glad to have us here for more than tourism.

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