Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We have classes here?!

I started classes Monday...and I would definitely not say they are a joke. Coop is already stressed out about his (surprise, surprise...) but they actually seem to be more work than mine. I haven´t done my homework yet so I should get started on that soon. For me, it´s a very strange schedule. I have class every day from 5-8:45 with one language class and one culture class. I´ll have these same two classes until like February 10th when the University classes start. My teachers are very nice and speak Spanish pretty slow for us....

My second bag still hasn´t arrived. I´m glad to have the first one though. Coop, or rather David as everyone calls him here, still hasn´t gotten his. Definitely a source of frustration.... I´m hoping to get reimbursed for the clothes I had to buy here because I didn´t have my bags but I get the feeling that Iberia has pretty bad customer service (note to other travelers!!!). The exchange rate is definitely a source of frustation as well as the service charges. It´s something like $5 for taking money out. haha not to mention with all of the little $2 and $1 euros it´s kinda hard to keep track of how much money you have. But it can be exciting I guess because you think you have a pocketful of change and it turns out to be eight dollars. haha...oh to be a college student.

Yesterday Coop´s madre yelled at him for not speaking enough. I really have to restrain myself from going down there and telling her what´s up. Luckily my family is in love with him (not even secretly)....Monday night they invited him to come up for dinner. Coop was scared to tell his madre that he wasn´t coming home for dinner so he ate twice....It was hilarious watching my madre tell him to eat more knowing that he had already eaten one dinner. It was probably the biggest meal she´s made too....Afterwards we had such a good time laughing. Paloma´s friend Luisi comes over every day and she is so fun to be around. We had shots of caramel liqueur with them and followed them with pudding. Very interesting experience. No worries though---all part of the culture! Luisi has her vacation coming up next month and she has already invited Coop and I on two trips with her--one to Rocio and one to la playa--the beach.

Nightlife, I must say, is a little disappointing. Last night we walked around and nothing really was going on except the bar fundacion with pretty much everyone from our group. A bar that sells budweiser, has promotion cards in english and has a john deere sign on the wall is probably not the most authentic bar....Coop and I decided to leave pretty early due to its lameness (we seriously could´ve been in Chapel Hill) and on the way home ran into some Germans looking for anything open. They seemed pretty excited when we said there was a bar full of Americans.....I don´t know what that means. That´s all for now. Mas manana....


  1. It's winter time there and the Spanish do not like it. (Whats the weather like?) So that's the reason that there aren't a lot of people at the bars. Also, most of the other exchange students from Europe only come for the Erasmus classes and not the program classes that you are taking now. So in other words, nightlife will suck until it gets a little warmer and the real college classes start. So at the beginning its just a bunch of program American kids. Don't worry, it'll get insane sooner than later. Calle Betis though is where its at. There's also some really cool places near the cathedral. Not right next door cuz they'll be pricey and touristy but a couple plazas over. I'd get a change purse (tell Coop). You need to find a telebanco... there are public ones not owned by a bank and they don't charge I don't think. ALSO, I might still have a bank account there that you could use. Even if not, opening one is pretty easy, if you want to hop on the exchange rate while its low and then you won't have to pay any surcharges. I miss you! Its fun reading because I know Sevilla pretty well but I'm so jealous. I've actually been to that football bar. Haa. (I know because it was so American and it showed football haha) Anyways, get to know Sevilla and before you know it you'll be an American ex-pat livin in Sevilla, and you'll know all the crazy Germans and Sweeds and Spaniards you want.

    PS- Been to the park yet, Plaza de Espana, walked along the river? Where in Sevilla do you live?

  2. Don't you dare go to the coast with your madre's friend. You and Coop have to wait until Dad and I get there and we can all see it together.
    Seriously, tell Coop to hang in there and things will get better. It's all part of the experience...some of it's good and some, not so good.
    I had lunch with Phil today and he said he didn't want to read your blog because it would make him miss Spain
    Hope to talk to you soon on skype. Love, MOM