Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nightlife o La Marcha!

On Friday, Andrea and I had our orientation for classes at the university. Other students have said they will be easy and you don´t have to go to class and the program director said they will be very difficult but we can do it. Vamos a ver no?

Saturday was completely frustrating because a) we had a scavenger hunt at 10:00 in the morning b) I couldn´t communicate with anyone because I didn´t have a phone yet and c) I was still wearing pretty much the same thing as I had for 5 days and I was starting to get a little embarassed. Side note: I hate all types of organized group activities and games. But the scavenger hunt wasn´t quite as bad as I thought because we went with Wayne, one of the program directors, and his daughter. She was so cute speaking Spanish. And she definitely corrected something I said in spanish. It´s definitely a very humbling process speaking spanish around people who speak it fluently.

Although nightlife here has been a little more lowkey than usual because of the cold weather, it is still pretty fun. We are still in the process of finding the hot spots and hoping that we can find places that are fun but not full of Americans. One night we went to local bars. Everything is pretty cheap. Vino 1.10-1.50, vino tinto con gas 1.10, caÑa-pint of beer-1, juego de naranja con vodka y coca cola con run(2) -5. Downtown is more expensive but the nightlife is better. Saturday night we walked all the way down to Calle Betis which is probably about a 45 minute walk. The boys said we were staying close to our pisos so I wore my new boots from Zara. I love the stores here: Celop, Zara, Blanco.... Anyhow we walked really far and I wanted to shoot myself my feet hurt so bad. But we finally arrived. We found one bar showing NFL games. Andrea and I also made a note that there is free sangria on Thursday nights for ladies. We left the NFL bar and went to another which has a lot more people. However, we weren´t there for 10 minutes before two club promoters who organize trips and activities for Americans approached us. We must stick out pretty bad although I thought that Coop looked kinda Spanish. I know my blonde hair and my jansport theft repellant bag make me stick out though. haha. Anyhow, they bought us drinks so I guess it wasn´t so bad. Then a huge group of people from EUSA found us and we were all being obnoxious Americans. Went to the bathroom where someone had thrown up in the sink. Disgusting.....We went back to the NFL bar (it´s called Long Island...) Panthers lost....Coop took me home to my piso in a cab and bought me a hamburger on the street. He was my hero....On the hamburgers here they put potatoes, carrots, corn, lettuce, tomato and onions. Kinda cool. I opted out on the carrots and potatoes much to the chagrin of Brad....Anyhow, we rolled in about 4. I slept forever....

The next day was probably my favorite day so far. My madre has been gone a lot so I´ve had a lot of down time and really wanted to get out and see the city. Coop and I went to buy cafe con leche (coffee with milk) y helado (ice cream: banana split flavor!) and went for a paseo through the city. It was pretty much the perfect day. It´s so awesome walking by historic buildings everywhere you go. I wish I could post pictures but I´m in search of my camera connector thing. I went to bed realllllly early because I was still really tired from the night before. So I went to bed at 10:45 and woke up around 6.....and just sat in the bed being a dork and looking up spanish phrases....wowwww. I really don´t know what I´ll do with myself until 5:00 every day because Coop and Andy are in classes....I guess I´ll just sit around, drink coffee, sightsee, nap, read....haha es la vida muy dulce!

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