Monday, January 26, 2009

El Rocio y Cordoba

Busy weekend. Friday we went to Alcazar. I´m glad that our teachers, who double as our tour guides, do not hold back when sharing stories. Two of my favorite moments at Reales Alcazar. 1) When Fernando was trying to explain to us the "geishas or prostitutes" of the king and called them the king´s putas (look it up) AND 2) One member of the royal family did have a heart attack after doing the deed for three days. Friday night I made Coop take me out to dessert and coffee. Deliciousss. I thought I would be so healthy here from the mediterranean diet but in actuality I´m overdosing in postres. Which is perfectly fine by me.

Saturday I woke up at 7:00 to go to Cordoba. Arrived at the meeting spot at 8:00 and freaked out cause no one else was there and called one of the program directors to find out where we were supposed to be. Too bad we were meeting at 8:30 so I missed out on 30 minutes of extra sleep and woke a program director at 8:00 on a Saturday morning who wasn´t even going on the trip. Luckily, true to my nature, I slept the entire way to Cordoba and the way back. La Mezquita was amazing. A nice mix of cultures and architectural styles. And I got pizza and beer for lunch so I was very pleased.

Saturday night I went out with Andrea, Angela, Andy and Elle. Botelloned first, or rather carried Coop´s six beers around in my purse for him, and went to Big Ben. My new favorite hobby is dancing with Coop (I´ve given up on this David business) to songs that were popular 5 years ago and techno music. (I think) he feels the same way? We went home rather early because we had the trip to Rocio the next day...

Will write on the trip to El Rocio soon.

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  1. Hey,

    Sounds like you are getting more and more settled. First off, I have been to la catedral and I tried to eat the oranges too! HaHa. Fortunately I wasn't the one to try and climb the tree because my buddy cut his hands all up. How delicious is the cafe con leche. Its so much better than coffee here. By the way, "popular music 5 years ago and techno music" .. its called House. Haha. Just call it House Music. Its old songs mixed up and house beats baby! Dancing was my favorite too. That and doing la cena con tapas y vino. Botellones tambien. Sounds like you are doing it right. How is it going meeting the Euros? Have the Erasmus kids showed up yet. (Erasmus is the name of study abroad for Europeans, they don't start until mid-February but I bet they will start arriving pretty soon. I loved just hanging out in a big group with Americans, Brits, Italians, Sweedes, the Dutch, etc. Its so fun and international, really what the trip is all about right!? We need to talk real time because commenting on your blogs is fun but I'm ready to chat for a half hour or so. Let's plan a time. When's good for you? My only other comments of the day are suggestions for trips. 1)You MUST go to Portugal. You are so close and it is like so amazing. Maybe plan that for later warmer weather because it is like a postcard beaches and cliffs. Lagos, Portugal. Google it. You can rent a car and be there in like 4-5 hrs and stay for a weekend. VERY CHEAP and it was one of my favorite places. Maybe Lisbon too. Also, you better get your ass to Alicante at some point. For real. I could handcraft an amazing trip and let the people I know there show you a good time. By a good time I mean cheap to free lodging, VIP entrances to clubs, free drinks. I still have a ton of connects. No Madrid? I understand you can't go everywhere. Also, Prague, Budapest. Anyhow, maybe some of those places will just have to be saved for when we get to travel around together. I miss you tons. I wish I could be there playing with you. I love you girly! Message me damnit! TTYL. Ciao.