Thursday, January 22, 2009


I´m very excited because I finally got to go to a discoteca. Very very fun. Let´s see....David was invited over by my family for dinner (something similar to chx noodle soup, a mixture of scrambled eggs, potatoes, onions, bread, meat and then a smoothie type thing for dessert). Btw, the smoothie thing is served in a little bowl and is a mixture of kiwi, banana, apple, cookies, pears and sometimes mango and then topped with a sprinkle of cocoa and coconut. I´m in heaven. Afterwards, David said muchas gracias about a million times so my family is pretty much in love with him. Afterwards, I dressed up a little for the pretty much the first time here and we went over to Louise´s residence to meet up for drinks. Little did I know that the Sex and the City viewing was only about halfway through and Brad was the only guy. He was a little upset to say the least but after his 40 of cruzcampo, he was a little happier. So we walked with a mix of international students (who were very nice and much more outgoing than the Spaniards I must say) although unfortunately most of them are leaving. Louise is staying, however, and she is a very fun person to be around. We finally made it to the discoteca (forget the name now) and barely missed getting in free. However, Lousie, David and myself said we weren´t drinking and got in for free. I really didn´t drink at all. Andrea had to pay because the bouncer would only let a few of us in for free so I really need to buy her a drink. ;) So we got in and ran into a bunch of people and just danced to crazy techno/old popular hits from 2006 for three hours. Had to go home at 3ish because David has class at 9:30. It was a very good time and it was great to see people in our group being crazy dancing. Interesting note: there are mirrors in the club and some men just like to watch themselves dance in the mirror. By themself. AWKWARD. The place actually was very posh with the mirros and white furniture everywhere....Anyhow, going home for lunch. Much love to all. I have started to really miss everyone.!!!

Side note: There are orange trees everywhere here. But you aren´t supposed to eat them supposedly because they´re so sour. Instead Spain sends them to London to make marmalade. However Coop, being malnourished and a fruit aficionado, decided to go against all odds and try one on the way home after the discoteca (Club Catedral!). First he cut his hand trying to get one off the tree. Then he took one bite and made the most horrified look. Then he got citrus juice in his cut. Being his loving mujer, I laughed until I almost peed and took pictures. And then I wrote about it on my blog. :)

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  1. hahahaaaaa, love the side note!!!!! im sorry, i know it probably wasn't funny but i can only imagine this situation happening!