Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sevilla no es una tierra templada...hace frio!!!!

Someone told me that since the mid 80s Sevilla has had a week of spring time weather in January. I am so waiting for it. For all who might be wondering, it is freezing here. In actuality, it´s probably similar to N.C cold weather but because there is little to no indoor heating here, it´s much more noticeable. A plus however: I sleep amazingly well here because the bed is warm and the rest of the house is pretty cold. Side note: A long hot shower is non existent here. The water heater at my house holds 60 liters of water. After that, it´s FREEZING cold. I´ve learned that twice here. Instead of a full shower, you rinse yourself, turn off the shower and then wash yourself and then rinse yourself again. I will admit that this process has been a complete turnoff to showering...haha.

Last night I finally met Ruben (my madre´s son who is 33ish)´s girlfriend. Pretty much the first interaction I´ve had with a Spanish woman my age. I think both of us were a little standoffish at first but after I introduced myself, and she was very amable (kind) and sociable. Note: I´m trying to integrate a few spanish words for those who may be visiting...!! :) Madrid and Barcelona played each other last night so I watched a bit of that but we have so much homework here. I think it´s because we are fitting a whole class in three weeks but I have school from 5-9 and I feel like the rest of the time I´m writing a composition or looking up the millions of words I don´t know in the reading. I guess it´s all for the best since no one really goes out M-W. Except Americans. haha. I´m excited about going out tonight. Anyhow, Coop came over and we went for a paseo or a walk. We have gotten in a pretty regular habit of walking at night (mostly because we´re 80 years old...haha). Usually we walk down to the river and Calle Betis or just wander. Last night we stayed in our neighborhood which is la plaza nervion. Really good shopping, a cortes ingles, futbol stadium of sevilla (there are two futbol teams in sevilla: sevilla y betis) and of course, EUSA. Of course David (I really need to start using this name so it will be easier on the spaniards) and I got lost in our own neighborhood but thats besides the point.

No word on the suitcases. We´re of the last few who haven´t gotten everything....hoping they didn´t lose it.

Today my group went on a visita al museo arqueologico. Surprisingly interesting because they actually have some legit stuff here (Spain obviously has much more history than the U.S). I´m always amazed at how smart and talented people were. We came back and everyone went home for lunch. But because my madre packed me a huge bag lunch (two huge subs, an orange and yogurt) and I didn´t have the heart to tell her I didn´t need it, I just stayed at the school to eat it. I like watching the spanish people in the cafe at the school. But I do smell like salami now. And on that note, I´m going to go....

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  1. Hey, so I guess you saw my comments because you answered all my questions! Sounds like everything is going exactly how I expect it. It keeps getting better and better by the way. PS- Its so fun people watching the Spaniards at school. I loved doing that. (I ate a lot of lunches by myself too) I had late evening/afternoon classes as well and all my friends had them in the morning so I know exactly how that goes, but I think all in all I kind of liked it. Barca-Madrid.... SICK. No worries on the suitcases, my last one came like 3 weeks or so later. TIS (This is Spain), you know how prompt, efficient and quick Spain is. I mapped where you live today so I know. It looks like a pretty good location. Calle Betis is far but that's normal. It was always so far from where we were during the day or our hostel. I'm loving the blog. So I was curious trying to figure out your location a bit better. How far of a walk is it to la universidad, la caterdral, la plaza de Espana, y el rio. Oh, and isn't that stadium the real betis stadium or is it the Sevilla one. You know you have to pick a team to pull for, its a big deal. I'd go for Sevilla over Betis, they are actually pretty good. Anyhow, I got skype... Ptmoore24. Let's do it sometime. Have a good one. Ten un dia de puta madre. AAALUEGO