Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Viajes a otros paises....¿¿¿quieres venir???

Everyone is starting to plan their trips to various places....These are the places I really want to go to outside of Spain.

1) Paris

2) Morocco

3) Amsterdam

4) London

5) Ireland for St. Pats

6) Italy!!!

Within Spain

1) Cadiz

2) Jerez...sherry and horses!!!

3) Barcelona

I already have plans to go to Granada, Cordoba and Rocio. The last two are both this weekend! I really can´t wait. My friend Elle has also found some pretty cheap airfare to Irelandia and I think that would be so fun. So far no Spanish friends outside my family really but I have met a sweet girl named Louise from England. I am going to try to go over and watch Sex and the City with her and some other people at her house tonight...It´s difficult to meet up with people any earlier than 10:30 because I have class until 9 and dinner immediately afterwards. And meals aren´t like in the U.S where you eat and go. It´s more of a chat and eat time for about an hour at least. I feel rude eating and leaving immediately. Last night, I wish I had been able to go out to celebrate Obama but I had already told my family I would celebrate with them. Which turned out to be another game of dados. Haha. Oh well I won once and lost twice. So I´m down two euros...Dados by the way are dice...We also went to the grocery store with Luisi and let me tell you what an experience that was....First of all, they have pig legs just hanging everywhere (these are also in the bars) that David is pretty much obsessed with. It´s very odd to see these meat legs hanging everywhere unrefridgerated. My madre has one of these pig legs in our kitchen. You can buy fancy holders for them so you can just carve off a slice of pig leg anytime you want. I´m not the biggest fan of this ham but again, David is obsessed....

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