Monday, January 19, 2009

Botellones, Botas y Bombo...

Friday night, we went out to see Flamenco. It was a free show so it lasted about 10 minutes. The dancer was very passionate and good at dancing but she could not have resembled a man more...Coop walked me home around 3 because I had to get up the next day for....ITALICA!!! So I´m a huge dork and enjoy history. Seriously, though, I can´t believe there are just Roman ruins chillin outside the city. I barely made it to go on the excursion--rolled up at around 9:56 and the bus left at 10. So the bus arrives at a gas station and I think we´re making some sort of turn around but no....For whatever reason, Italica is located behind a gas station and its bordered by a shantytown. I saw horses eating litter. It was sad. Anyhow, once you get past that, very very cool. Got to see an anfiteatro--i.e where the gladiators fight. Interesting fact: 35,000 people could fit in the "stadium," gladiators were actually fat (to add an extra layer of protection) and Sevilla boasts the 3rd largest anfiteatro every built. The tour guide tells us that the upperclass Romans used to have festivals where they would eat nonstop and then go throw up so they could eat more. Andrea notes: "Sorority?" Anyhow, came back, napped and then went out with David for a paseo. I will try to post pictures soon. Paseo sort of turned into shopping. I couldn´t keep David away from the rebajas (major sales during January and February)....Anyhow, paseo/shopping for 4 hours. I come back and eat dinner and the boys come by so we can go out to botellon (sort of drinking in the streets or parks--no worries, all part of the culture). It was hilarious because we were trying to be sneaky about it and on our way out my madre just hands us plastic cups. I told her she knows everything. She does....

So botellon in the park is fun...except I will say there are no bathrooms in the park. We went out as usual but we went to a new place called Big Ben. Very spanish...haha. Everywhere we go there are Americans. That night we met people from Boston and Wisconsin. I´m so glad I have a boyfriend here. There are so many creepers. But I did cheer Elle on to go talk to a Boston guy. I was very proud...So Coop and I left the bar and we saw the bright lights of the hamburger stand. This time we got one with potato sticks on it. Unfortunately, Coop wanted half of it but I guess that´s fair since he paid for it. :)

Sunday! One of my favorite days so far. 1) Coop and I went to the gypsy market. It is huge and very intense. There was a moment there that I thought I couldn´t breathe there were so many people. Once you enter, you can´t turn back. You just have to keep going. It´s like a mile long. 2) I finally saw my madre outside the piso. Not to say she doesn´t leave a lot, but I just never see her. She´s a little bit of a shopaholic but she is very fashion savvy. (She has 100 pairs of shoes). Speaking of shoes, I bought a pair of boots for 9 euros. Apparently that´s muy caro but I like them. I´ve already bought two pairs of boots here. 3) Played a game with the fam....very fun!!! It consists of rolling dice really but it was very animated and it didn´t hurt that Coop and I had pretty good luck. I won the first game as well as 5 euros. Paid out the second game to Ruben. After the game, I felt really sick and went to bed at like 9. Even though on the whole the food is very good here, some of the foods just don´t sit right with my stomach. 4) Coop and I had a tapa for the first time yesterday. Chorrizo criollo. So good...!!! Although I must say, I dream about American food....

My other suitcase might arrive today!!!!


  1. Niiice, Some major big hits in this post. Botellons were my favorite thing in the world- again wait until it gets warmer and those things are ridiculous. And I know what you really mean by no bathrooms... people pee everywhere and in certain places it smells like it too. Your madre sounds so cool, the plastic cups thing reminded me so much of botellon, we'd always buy fanta naranja, negrita, y vasos a una tienda de 24 horas (Basically convenience stores that are supposedly always open but aren't. By the way, do they have 24 horas stores there? They were everywhere in Alicante, but I do remember going a few places in Spain and not seeing any. I don't know if we saw the same flamenco show, but I saw one in Sevilla that was free too and she totally looked like a man, but it was amazing. Keep the shopping up and totally kill it on the rebajas. They are extreme deals. In reality, if there is a real price for a good, its not ever priced that in Spain. They try to have one price for Spaniards, and another for tourists, so its lower than normal during rebajas right now, but will be way over jacked come warm weather. (PS- I found that Spanish women are obsessed with fashion, shopping, shoes, and especially accessories.) Keep doing the tapas, there are so many different types and they are awesome. Me encanta chorizo. BUT I totally know how you feel about the food. That will last for another month maybe. Your stomach is just not used to their foods, or the way they preserve it, refrigeration, etc. (Had any experiences with milk yet?) BUT on the upside, as time goes on not only does your stomach get online but your taste buds adapt a bit too, and some good foods or weird foods now start to become just as much favorites as American food. I know I miss alot of my Spanish favorites. (BUT theres nothing like an American steak, burger or pizza, just won't be able to replicate that there.) LOVIN THE BLOG, going to check on Andrea's pics now on FB. LOVE YA BABE.... PS- finding out if I got that job this week, say a prayer for me.

  2. Hahaha to the milk thing...every night my madre pours the milk for my coffee into my mug and I wonder if its okay to leave it out overnight like that...last night my madre and her friend made me hamburgers. they were so delicious....!!!! Best of luck with the job! I know you´ll get it!!!!!!