Friday, January 9, 2009

Maria Antonia a.k.a Paloma

At around 10 a.m. the next day I shared a cab to Cajul y Ramon street. The boys left me and I walked over to my apartment. It turns out that the boys and I just had different entrances given to us. Really we live in the same apartment. I live on the 4th floor. Coop lives on the 3rd floor. I walk up and my awesome madre is waiting for me. She shows me her piso and it is very nice. Three bedrooms, kitchen, dining room and a large living space.....class in 10 minutes....more on my madre later.

So again, my madre is awesome. She is blonde and very light-skinned which is why they call her Paloma. She is a smoker--which I sorta like because it reminds me of Adam and Maura--but it is not bothersome at all. She is around 56 and has an English bulldog named Bombo. I think he is currently is suffering from pink eye but he is very sweet. The first day she just talked and talked and talked, which is perfect for me because I need practice communicating. I have my own room, which is painted green and has a desk and lots of storage space. Funny note: there is a huge stuffed animal (I´m not sure what animal it´s supposed to be) on my bed. It´s literally bigger than me--kinda like one of those fair animals you win. It doesn´t bother me because my feet don´t reach that far down on the bed but it´s always interesting waking up face to face to a huge unidentifiable animal.

So far my madre has mostly prepared a type of meatloaf with a different sauce, a side of potatoes (french fries, a type of cut potato, etc), bread, fruit and always a dessert. The first meal was my favorite: a Spanish tortilla and a great soup! The desserts are similar to flan in that they are kind of squishy and always with whip cream. I´m always hungry when I´m at school, outside, etc. but at meal times, I get full pretty easy and never can finish everything. I´m always wondering what is for the next meal. It´s very convenient to walk in and have a meal always ready and I´m glad the program forced me to live with a madre.

Interesting note: my madre and Coop´s madre do not get along. My madre told me Coop´s madre is too strict and has no friends. Which is kinda true. I joked with Coop´s roommate Andy the first day that they might have a hot madre because she´s only 42. The complete opposite. Every day my madre asks me how Coop is like he might not survive. Which might be true because it seems as if Coop is completely terrified of his madre because she is so strict.

Last night I wanted to go out but didn´t because I forgot to meet with Coop at 10:30 and then had no way to communicate with anyone because I didn´t have a phone or a computer. When my computer gets here, my family has wifi which will be great. Anyhow, I talked with my madre and her friend Luise (who is a cook). Luise is a bit overweight and it´s funny how openly my madre will call her fat like it´s no big deal or just a fact. Big cultural difference. Also last night the program gave us a sheet to go over with our madre on rules, etc. My madre definitely said she does not care about when I shower, when I go out, etc. orientation for SAS. Classes and registration at the university are supposed to be impossible. My spanish is not that bad but still....very intimidating. We shall see how they go...I am looking forward to getting my phone from Yogui. A good deal: two phones for 30 euros. Also, I think we will go out to Calle Betis today. Ruben, the brother that lives in the apartment, works at a discotec during the weekends. I hope to go visit this weekend.....mas luego...


  1. i iz on ur page readin ur blogz.

    lol, but seriously i just read them all. that sucks about your laptop! big surprise tho ;)
    you better keep this up so i'll have another way to stalk you besides facebook haha.

    sad you're missing my party, but i'll have a couple drinks for you and bright eyes will happen in you and andrea's honor <3

  2. 1. i luv that ur madre is blonde and she likes to have a few cigs-----hell yea!!! im really happy that you got the cool madre, i feel bad for coop but is it respectful if he comes over to ur place and visit u and ur madre---i forgot the cultural acceptions.

    2. im really sorry about ur computer i was a little pissed becuz i hadn't heard from u in so long and i stalk ur facebook all the time---but totally understandable and just a lil funny :)

    3. Hell yea for those men to buy you and andrea drinks---i feel like a proud mama!!!!

    U better keep doing this occasionally because it is very much needed back here in the states!